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Coming full circle

As this is my first blog post, I think it would be best to give a little bit of the history of Charles McCarthy Estate Agents & Valuers. My name is Maeve McCarthy, daughter of aforementioned ‘Charles’ more widenly known as ‘Charlie’ and yes I am a big proponent of nepotism!

Charlie started his estate agency practise in the early 1970’s , at 46 Bridge Street Skibbereen where my grandfather had a Morris Minor car dealership and a garage. However, as time moved on, Charlie got married to ‘Noreen’ and children started appearing, us and the business moved to North Street, Skibbereen. Then, just over ten years ago , we moved premises again, to separate our family home from our business location, separation of church and state as it were.

However, just a few months ago we moved back to 46 Bridge Street, gone now is the car dealership with 8 mechanics to be replaced by an open plan office space. It is really lovely to be back where everything started, from the boom/ bust of the last four decades , from hearing the celtic tiger’s roar fall to a tiny squeak, we are still here working away. It is our privilege to be working in a place as beautiful as West Cork, meeting the people who come here to live or who are just passing through.

Being an estate agent is not about property but about people because behind every house is a story and we endeavour even under the most difficult of market conditions to help people to move to the next stage of their lives.

on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 in Blog

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